Magdala Heals

I empower conscious entrepreneurs to connect with their unique power within & nurture their mental and sexual health in the process

magdala heals logo: pisces symbol
magdala heals logo: pisces symbol
Energetic Breathwork
Therapeutic Touch
Tantric Sexuality


Tantra Healing

What makes Tantra Healing unique is that it is designed to train you to harness your life-force energy (also called sexual energy) so you can fully utilize your mind and body. It is especially helpful to:

  • heal sexual dysfunction

  • stabilize moods

  • empower your self mentally and spiritually

  • manifest your vision and achieve your goals

  • build self-confidence

  • let go of self-sabotage behaviors

  • let go of fear and anxiety

  • relax and destress

Individual Sessions & Journeys available


Couples Tantra

Not your typical couple's massage...

Learn how to give and receive sensually sacred Tantric Touch with your partner and cultivate a deeper connection that is as playful as it is intimate.

Individual Sessions & Journeys available


Tantra Workshops

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring
woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Want to share the wisdom of conscious sexuality and empowerment at your next conference, retreat, or training?

Magdala Heals Tantra Workshops delve into:
boundary setting
conscious sexuality
rewiring purity culture
empowered masculinity
sovereign femininity
finding unique self


For new clients and the curious.
Jump on a quick no-obligation consultation call with me to get your questions answered and schedule your first session.
(if the times available don't work, shoot me a text and we'll make it happen)

For recurring clients only.
Before scheduling a session with me for the first time,
it is required that you have a consultation call with me.
If my services are a good match for you,
we will schedule your first session during the call.

Unsure where to start?
Get my free intro guide to Tantra


Happy clients


Since the pandemic, I've felt so stuck in my life. The isolation of it all took a real toll on me that I couldn't shake a year after the fact. After a few sessions with Elizabeth, I could feel my sense of direction come back to me again.


She made me feel safe to surrender and let go of so much pain from my past.