Tantra Healing

grayscale photo of woman hugging baby
grayscale photo of woman hugging baby

As a holistic approach to wellness, clients find physical and emotional release, a connection to the body, and the freedom to heal from the inside out.

These 120 minute sessions entail a full-body acupressure session that explores the power of your sexuality and your will through principles of energetic play, Tantra breath, and bodywork.

Each session includes work on the shoulders, back, hips, sciatic nerve, thighs, mid-thighs, calves, feet, chest, and head.

Note, I will be fully clothed for the entire duration of the session.

$ 240/120 min

$60/30 min after


STEP 1. Consultation

STEP 2. Tantra Healing Session

STEP 3. Tantra Journey



What is Tantra Healing?

How does Tantra Healing heal me?

Tantra Healing focuses on circulating energetic centers with gentle therapeutic touch and acupressure. This bodywork lets you explore and experience your energy in ways you might never have before. All of these centers are connected through the electromagnetic field that encompasses our bodies. When these centers are not synchronized, we experience chronic dis-ease, both physical dis-ease and mental/emotional dis-ease. Tantra reconnects these centers by releasing the tension that has been holding painful energy within your body, and replaces that with pure light so you don't have to experience reliving that pain over again.

How does Tantra Healing empower me?

Tantra Healing is as much therapeutic as it is spiritual & sensual. With practice, Tantra increases the amount of energy your body can handle and will can wield in your life. In essence, it puts you back into the driver seat of your desires.

On the surface, yea, the exercises strengthen your sexual nature: it increases your endurance, improves your techniques in sex, and your capacity to orgasm – but if you let it seep into you on a deeper level, be that philosophical or spiritual, it can transform your very desires, strengthen your willpower to act in your life, and completely rewire the way you think and relate to yourself and to others. For that reason, this can be very powerful in integrating and healing parts of you while you physically experience deeper levels of relaxation.

Tantra Journey

Ready to dive deep into some deep transformation?

This 7-session journey takes you through every energy center, for deep transformation on every level of your consciousness. With a combination of bodywork sessions and materials to take home, you will cultivate your own tantric self-care practice and come out the other end reborn and revitalized.

Each session focuses on each chakra:

Muladhara | POWER
Svadhisthana | DUALITY
Manipura | WILLPOWER
Anahata | I AM
Ajna - WILL
Sahasrara - COMMUNION

Ready for the deep dive?



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